This character is from a comic I've been working on in which an inept sorceror named Sciurus tries to summon a succubus to be his familiar spirit. Due to a slight mistake, the demon appears as an anthropomorphic aloe plant and wacky hijinks ensue. Adina is the demon's given name, but its "true" name - the one by which it can be commanded - is Be-erbazaza-El, Sucus Foliatrix. She is a prime example of the weirdness which I am capable of with my character designs. How many of you have seen an anthropomorphic aloe plant before? Show of hands? I thought so. Click on a thumbnail image to see the full-size image in a new window.

Adina: Be'erbazaza-El, Sucus Foliatrix

introducing Adina you all know Adina Adina aoutdoors cheerful demon dancing demon dancing demon2 dancing demon3 an angry succubus
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