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Here's the Cycling Archive. I have stacks of pages that I have drawn over the last 14 years. Some of them are good enough to look at, so ... The plan is to put up a new one every Wednesday. Old files will be pushed off the top as new ones are added to the bottom. There will be a total of five images on this page at one time, so if you check here at least once a month, you won't miss anything. As far as maintaining a permanent online archive, I don't have room on the Tripod server to do that. I'll be putting a few of my best things on permanent display in the Vault and some of the more interesting things at but nobody's stopping you from copying these pictures to your own hard drive if you want to. Just PLEASE don't alter, edit, or re-post them elsewhere on the web. That's all I ask.

The Cycling Comics Archive

Ryu dumps some bagels

1996. A page from the Dallas Brawl Update. Ryu was created by A. Laverdiere.

Movie casting 1

1996. Page one of some collaborative story from the Dallas Brawl. I got too far ahead of where the other "writers" wanted to be, so there isn't much of this one.

Movie Casting 2

1996. Page two of the collaborative movie plot from the Dallas Brawl. I jumped too far ahead due to my own impatience waiting for the other "writers" to make their contributions, and the story ended up going nowhere.

The Story of Ko, page 2

1996. "The Story of Ko" page 2. Well, how about that? It looks like I continued this story later on. If you recall (and I'm sure you don't) Ko was angry about losing her beau to a Muskrat, so she took her swords out to the park to let off some steam.

The Story of Ko, page 3

1996. "The Story of Ko" page 3. Ko lost to Mindy Muskrat in her efforts to woo the dreamboat Orville Dweems. There's no reason you should remember that.


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