Estelle is a gazelle. I still don't know much about her in terms of her background or what she does for a living. All I know is that her boyfriend is a beefy canine named Rex Rhoads, and he's curator of Egyptian antiquities at the Pittropolitan Museum. Estelle's design was directly influenced by some Taral Wayne drawings of straight-horned ungulate girls. I stole her design at the same time that I stole Kelly O'Dor. Kelly was the sweet and charming one, and it didn't take long for me to decide I liked her better... Estelle was the arrogant, dominant one, and I came to regard her as an "Evil Bisexual." But my attitude toward her has cooled, the character design is still beautiful, and recently she has proven useful enough that I decided she should have her own character page here. Click a thumbnail to see fleet-footed full images in a new window.

Estelle Gazelle

fleeing a predator getting caught just cake frosting
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