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I used to work at a local TV station, where I did graphics on the weekends. I also used to participate more in the online Furry scene until I got fed up with the childishness, and drastically reduced my involvement. Here are some of the products of those bygone days.

Web Banners

fchan banners

Banners I designed back in 2006 for a futaba-style art-sharing bulletin board. I don't know if fchan is still in operation, but if you decide to go looking for it, be warned: There is porn. Some of the most horrible porn you can imagine, which is half of the reason I stopped looking. And there is no filtering in place to protect the innocent. You go there, the porn is thrown right up in your face for all to see. Go there at the peril of your soul!

ultra hoyt

An icon I was going to use to identify my music on another file-sharing site. This was before I decided to try to sell it via Tunecore.

TV News Graphics

Sometimes a producer would request something that would be oddly worded, or difficult to present visually, so I would make a "funny" graphic just for laughs. Part of this exercise was for fun, and part of it was to encourage producers to think more visually so they wouldn't wind up with stupid graphics in their shows. Since I am no longer employed there, and all these graphics are from 2 looks ago and not in HD, I think it's safe to share them with the public. With a few exceptions, none of these ever wound up on the air.

oh yes he is

Request was for a "Senator Larry Craig" vertical plasma-screen graphic. This was after the Senator's now-famous shenanigans in the men's restroom at an airport and his subsequent loud denials of being a homosexual. Obviously this graphic was never even CLOSE to getting on-air.

drunk baby

The graphics request was for a "Drunk Baby" over-the-shoulder graphic. I made this one before calling the producer and asking what the story was REALLY about. Turns out, it was the MOTHER who was drunk, causing the baby to be born with an elevated blood alcohol level. Not a funny story at all. Many of these joke graphics were made during the tenure of a producer who had no understanding of visual communication, and no tact whatsoever. Of course this graphic never got on the air.

flammable costumes

The request was for a "Flammable Costumes" plasma. Story was about the danger of Halloween costumes catching on fire. Think about it ... how are you supposed to show that concept in a picture without being utterly tasteless and/or offensive? As I recall, we wound up using a generic jack-o-lantern instead, but I think this graphic works pretty well. Too bad we didn't use it on-air. The reasons why should be pretty obvious.

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