My Gold Tone metal-bodied resophonic tenor guitar may be one-of-a-kind. I'm not sure. I could have the prototype model right here. They may not even sell this item anymore. It's got traces of other dot inlays on the fretboard which were drilled out and replaced with wood. Another pair of tiny dots is halfheartedly covered with wood stain. It is 23.5 inch "plectrum" scale, which is normal for a guitar but too long for a tenor. I spotted it listed on the Gold Tone website, but with no price. When I called to inquire, they told me that the first batch was made too long and the strings kept breaking. This was perfect for me because I use a banjo (open G) tuning instead of standard tenor tuning. So Gold Tone offered to sell me one of the "bad" ones at a price I could not pass up. The body is supposedly nickel-plated brass .. it started to tarnish immediately; something in the case apparently reacts with the metal. After a while I gave up trying to keep it clean. This instrument is surprisingly heavy for its size. Gives a nice loud, full, bright acoustic sound. I really like it.

The Gold Tone resophonic tenor

Gold Tone
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