This is a Hammond XB-2 which I bought used in 2008 for a very reasonable price. The keyboard doesn't feel right, but everything else about it is good, man, real good. I was formerly using a Voce V5 for my tonewheel organ sounds, but it tended to frustrate me with its overall impression of wimpiness and fakeness. The Voce had no guts to it. This Hammond board, on the other hand, can grunt and grind and scrape and moan in ways reminiscent of a real vintage B-3. It has a convincing sound of dirty switches when the keys are pressed, a nice responsive slow overdrive, and an overall sense of power which I would describe as "12-pound balls!" I'm very pleased with it, because now I can finally get some of those sounds I have heard on old jazz and funk records.

The Hammond XB-2

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