Steampup is a Forum Adventure. It was lost when the MSPaint Adventures Forum blew up, but I reconstructed it on this Tumblr account. Click on the Steampup link at the top to read the entire story in chronological order. It appears there in a cascading blog format, quite a bit different from the original forum style, which is preserved here in a somewhat clunky form.

Here's how it worked: After I posted the initial setup, readers issued commands for what was to happen next, and the story developed from there. The adventure has been formatted slightly differently for display here, without all of the commentary which appeared between updates. Reader commands that I used are quoted in a magenta box.


Steampup title

I say, old chap - it's time for your adventure to begin.

Steampup wakes up

You wake suddenly. You must have fallen asleep in your chair; you feel a bit disoriented.

No, actually you feel EXTREMELY disoriented. You don't know where you are, and at the moment you can't even recall WHO you are. How unsettling.

What is your confounded name?

Terry the Terrible Terrier
Henry the Hound

It only takes you a few minutes to penetrate the brain-fog and remember that your name is Terry MacHenry. At least, that has a somewhat familiar ring to it. But you don't recognize this room at all. How did you get here? You quickly take stock of your surroundings.

a cozy room

Aside from the chair you're sitting in, and the paper you're holding, the only notable objects in this room are a suitcase, a window, a sink and a door. None of it looks familiar - and you're sure you would remember that wallpaper if you had seen it before.

... Why the heck is there a sink in the middle of the room? Does it even work?
the sink does not work

It seems that the sink does not work. Nothing happens when you turn the tap.

What's the book you're reading?

It's a strangely-folded piece of paper. You stand in the light from the window to get a good look at it...

Terry reads the paper

The message on the paper reads:

Dear Terry MacHenry,

Your name is Terry MacHenry. That and the fact that I have utterly defeated you are all you need know at this time. I shall enjoy watching you wriggle in the trap I have made for you. Vengeance is sweet.

Hugs and kisses, Dr. M

p.s. I've left you a few things you might find useful. Don't die too quickly! Ha ha!

Terry reacts to the message

"WHAT THE FIDDLESTICKS?!?" you yelp, as panic rises to your throat. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS BALDERDASH?" (You being a proper Victorian gentleman, you never use salty language.)

You're pretty sure you don't know anybody named "Dr. M" but the message gives you a chill nevertheless.

At least it confirms that you got your name correct...

may perchance that there's a lock upon the suitcase that needs to be investigated?

The suitcase is not locked.

open the suitcase

You open it easily.

suitcase contents

Inside you find a gun, a tin of Shinola, and a tube of Dr. Ernest's Special Stopcock Grease. These things might prove useful. You put them in your pockets.

who makes a window looking into another room?

Nobody does, as far as you know.

You look through the window to make sure.

view out the window

Either it's very foggy outside, or the window is very dirty.

Venture into the presumably great outdoors?
there's a bicycle outside

You go through the doorway onto a colonnaded porch.

Oh, jolly spiffing! Someone's left a bicycle!

Or - wait, the bicycle may have been left by the mysterious "Dr. M." Could it be a diabolical trick?

That's all of the sample!

To find out what happens next, go to SprocketHoleVandal on Tumblr and click on Steampup.


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