Jillian W. Kody is one of the avatars of the Cartoonist, JW Kennedy. A lot of people are confused about why I would draw "myself" as a female. FOR THE RECORD: I am not homosexual, transsexual, transvestite, trans-gender, pan-sexual horror, or what-have-you. I just like drawing girls!! There is further confusion about her species. Lots of people think she's supposed to be some sort of dog, (with the one eyespot and all) but she is in fact a half-breed human / panda. She came about at the end of the Mephit Plot (now hosted by DrunkDuck) as a result of the Emperor's righteous wrath. Jillian is a Cartoonist, Animator, and musician. (In my universe, Cartooning is sort of like sorcery; tampering with the elements of Creation.) She's also supposed to be the Mephitian Empire's appointed Governor of the Colony of Planet Pitt, but she doesn't ever seem to be doing anything pertaining to that office. There are not many pictures of her because I don't draw her much anymore. Maybe I decided it was creepy after all, to draw myself as a girl... Click on a thumbnail to see the full image in a new window.

Jillian Wyatt Kody

moire pattern jumping
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