Stinkerbell is an Ixie: half insect, half pixie. Don't ask how that particular hybrid came about. Ixies, with their tough shells and crude manners, are the outcast bad bikers of the fairy world. They are generally shunned by the "fair folk" (pixies, fairies, sprites, and elves - although they seem to get along with gnomes rather well). Stinkerbell is a type B ixie, which means she has only four limbs and a human face. She is normally about the size of a hummingbird, but she can enlarge herself up to about 4 feet tall. Her other magical ability is to start fires at will, merely by touching flammable objects. She's got a chitinous shell, and wings covered by a rigid elytrum (that's a shell to the layman.) Like most Ixies, she smokes, drinks, swears, fights, and generally carries on in a crude and antisocial manner. She originally turned up as the reluctant companion/guardian of a homeless waif named Peter Panda, but we haven't seen him in a while. Maybe Peter finally grew up or something. There are only two images in her file, and there are not likely to be more since Stinkerbell's design has been deprecated in favor of type C ixies like Annophila. I keep this page here solely to document where my character design ideas have been in the past, and where they have gone from there. Click a thumbnail to see the full image in a new window.

Stinkerbell the Ixie

perched on a flower grinning
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