King Titan

I was reading a lot of medieval literature in translation: the Elder Edda and Beowulf, specifically .. and this idea came to me to write a bit of heroic verse about how things have changed since those days.

King Titan

King Titan looks / across his lands:
The earth, entire / (for all we know.)
He'd given blessings, / deadly threats,
Had watched men strive / and women bear,
Was called to witness / less and less
Toward retirement - / weary years
Of silent watching, / half-forgotten.
Only half! / And now, at last
Again they tremble, / listening, waiting;
Gaze upon him, / rampant, mighty,
Hand upraised / with crackling thunder...

"Buy King Titan" / then he says.

And maybe I'm a dummy, but there does not seem to be any simple way in HTML to insert an extra space between words in the middle of a line. If you know how to do it, I beseech you to tell me the secret in an email. Until then please pardon my use of slashes in a clumsy attempt to preserve the form of medieval heroic verse.

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