Mindy Muskrat was originally just a one-shot random character sketch of some nondescript buxom, wide-hipped and long-legged rodent girl in a miniskirt, smoking a cigarette in a long, elegant holder. Then I gave her a name and she wound up becoming a frequently-appearing character. She like, totally talks like a Valley girl, fer sure, and she works behind the jewelry and cosmetics counter at Big J.C. Walbucks - Pitt City's number one discount department store. Originally she did not wear a shirt; she has plenty of fluffy chest fur covering everything. But then one day Mitch Beiro (rhymes with Karo syrup) rather insensitively pointed out that she was going around topless. Since then I've had her wear a shirt, because it's much more decent and proper that way. Click a thumbnail to view a full image in a new window.

Mindy Muskrat

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