Yzod the Terawaian (spelling varies) - often referred to as the Dread Serpent of the Suburbs and Devourer of Dozens - is a demon from the pits of hell; specifically a region of hell known as Terawah. It first appeared in the Pittworld after being summoned by the vampiress Betty Bunny. Although it has feminine hips and a cute bow in its hair, it is not female. Nor is it male. Yzod has no gender. I guess you could say that this is the only character profiled on my site which is not female. Go ahead, say it now. Yzod stalks the earth, tricking mortals into trading away their souls for trivial favors - often for nothing at all. Yzod devours the soul, incorporating the soul's energy into its own. It has a technique of drawing the spiritual essence out of its victim slowly, which produces a prolonged sensation of orgasmic ecstasy in the hapless mortal. Its character design was based on the race of "Teh Langgi" by Taral Wayne. These are innocuous, furry black&white aliens which would never devour a man's soul. Click a thumbnail to view an image in a new window.

Yzod the Terawaian

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