Annophila is a Type C Ixie (whereas Stinkerbell is a Type B.) The Type C is more insect-like having wide-angle fixed-lens eyes, six limbs, and no hair. Annophila is sort of skittish (but definitely not shy) and hyperactive. She's very observant but not incredibly smart. She is addicted to sugar. Like most Ixies, she can set small things on fire by touching them and concentrating. She seems to have a psychic intuition about danger; she gets a feeling whether something is good or bad. She can also make things glow phosphorescently, and unlike a lot of Ixies, she can sting. However, she does not have the ability to grow larger. She's a very big bug, about 6 inches from head to toe, not including antennae. Annophila met Kelly o'Dor out surveying a plot of land one day and now, due to the wealth of information she is able to provide about a location, she works as Kelly's field assistant. Fans of sculpture and the Useless Arts should also check out the astounding Annophila Sculpture Project. Click on a thumbnail image to open the full-sized picture in a new window.

Annophila the Ixie

field data posing on a leaf she dislikes clothes
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