I acquired a bucket of a miraculous modeling compound called "Magic-Sculpt" which is a two-part epoxy resin putty. You mix equal parts of A and B together, and you can work with it for about 30 minutes. Within 24 hours it has hardened to bone-like rigidity. I like this because it allows me to work in stages, and I can sculpt the new part without having to worry about smushing the part I already finished. Obvious choice for a first project was my insect girl Annophila because her design is almost robotic, each limb a separate, semi-rigid part. I took pictures documenting my progress, and here they are, with full commentary.

The "Annophila the Ixie" Sculpture Project


She starts out as a simple buxom blob of resin, foil, and wires. The white stuff is "Magic Sculpt," the greatest modern modelling compound. Mix the two parts together, and it's sticky & doughy. You can shape it, smooth it with water, and in an hour or two it's hard enough to build more on top of. By next morning it's as hard as stone and can be sanded.


Now her scaly midsection and big round booty are formed. The tinfoil roots of what will become long smooth thighs can be seen. She's hanging up because those stumps are still soft and need to cure without touching anything.


A little bit more added to the thighs. Due to the nature of Magic Sculpt, you have to work in small sections, otherwise a lot will be wasted - or even worse, it will harden in a shape you don't want! And yes, the three best things in life (for this month, anyway) are BOOZE, BEANS, and BUG BABES. Oh yeah!


One curvaceous leg is now done, with the roots of a foot and the other shin. I tried to crop them out and otherwise obscure them, but there's evidence in the background: an old M'Shelle the Chipmunk cardboard cutout looks on, as well as a squadron of anime figurines atop the bookcase. I'm a geek; why deny it?


A bit more added to feet & legs. It was fun trying to re-create the long, sleek lines from my drawings. I've tried to sculpt some of my characters in the past, but never have the results looked so good. Gone are the lumpiness, the abundance of fingerprints, the dwarfish proportions. Thanks, Magic Sculpt!

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