I've been fascinated by photography since childhood, when my father had a darkroom in the basement. A few years ago I discovered the joy of medium-format (120) film, and after picking up a small enlarger for $5 at a yard sale I've been developing and printing my own black&white. Here are some interesting things I've done...

The Doctor's Undoctored Photos

pinhole photo

A pinhole photograph. Taken with a cardboard box. Yes. Anybody can make a pinhole camera: get a box, tape all the corners with duct tape and put a cloth hood around the lid so light can't get in. Cut a hole in one side. Cover the hole with aluminum foil. Use a needle or a pin to poke a tiny hole (smaller the better) in the foil. Put a flap on the front so you can cover up the hole. Put some clips or something inside the back the box to hold your sensitized material (film or paper). Load the camera in total darkness (this is the tricky part). For this picture, I loaded the camera with a piece of photographic print paper. I set it in a spot where It wouldn't be in the way, and let it expose for 4 hours. (Since the pinhole is so small, exposure times will be much longer than normal.) Then, after developing, I had a negative print. I scanned it and inverted the gray values in Photoshop to make a positive. I adjusted the brightness & contrast a bit to even the exposure, but other than that, the image is unaltered. The figure sitting behind the chair is Shuri Sumisu.

another pinhole photo

Another pinhole photo using the cardboard box camera. Exposure time was several hours in the morning, exposing directly on a piece of photo print paper. So much fun and wasting of time for so little money. There's Shuri sitting next to my chair, and you can see the old M'Shelle cutout propped against the wall back there in the corner. I wonder why girls never come to my apartment.

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