Shuri Sumisu

Shuri Sumisu started out as a slightly scuffed Adel Rootstien mannequin I found down at the junk store. I had time to kill and space to work (my apartment wasn't so cluttered back then) so I got together a bunch of materials and transformed her into a furry/elf character. Maybe I was inspired by the Gelflings from "The Dark Crystal.." I started building her snout with a core of paper mache held up with aluminum armature wire. After it was dry, I sealed it with beeswax and then sculpted the outer surface with clay. As the clay dried, it cracked - so I filled the cracks with Bondo and spent a couple of days sanding. After her head & ears were done, the wig that came with her no longer fit, so I had to toddle off to the theatrical costume shop and get her that purple one. It looks much better than her original hair, trust me. I decided on the blue & white color scheme because I already had the paint. The stripe down the middle of her face is a nod to the Taral Wayne skunk designs I so admire. Her name is a Japanese romanji transformation of "Shirley Smith." I don't think it means anything in Japanese. I hope it doesn't mean anything. Does it mean anything?

Pictures of Shuri

green eyes
full length


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