MOTD movie design

From 1997 until 2007, I was helping director Eric Miller with production of an independent movie called Mark of the Damned. I co-wrote, acted, did voice-over, recorded music, and created graphics for the movie. This is a set of graphic elements I created for DEFPOTEC, a pseudo-governmental organization that manages occult matters. Very similar to the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense from Hellboy comics. Many of these graphics never made it to the screen, so here's your only chance to see them.

DEFPOTEC Graphic Suite


The logotype for DEFPOTEC. The agency started out as a novelty & magic tricks mail-order house, founded by a retired stage magician who called himself "Defpotec." (His act incorporated a blending of Egyptian and Aztec motifs.) The lettering is inspired by the label design of Nehi soda. I didn't have a font that looked like this, so I manually constructed the whole thing in Photoshop. This logotype was used in the movie and on promotional materials such as buttons, and packaging of the first DVD release.

VisuGraphic format

DEFPOTEC in its early days published self-instructional manuals for illusionist tricks, and went on to publish information in every conceivable medium on a variety of topics. This activity is a major part of how DEFPOTEC evolved from a novelty warehouse to the powerful agency it is today. The VisuGraphic album was one of many media formats for which DEFPOTEC owned a patent. Logo design inspired by classic "Disneyland Records" emblem. This graphic was, as far as I know, never used.


Insignia worn on the sleeve of special field operatives. I don't think it was used. Here's a bit of trivia: The word "Defpotec" came from the bottom line of an eye chart Eric had on the wall of his apartment.

door sign

A sample of the signage used in the halls and on doors in the DEFPOTEC building. We never shot a scene in that building, but I think this was used as a letterhead on a prop. Not sure.


Badge or patch worn by DEFPOTEC agents. The design was inspired by old Nehi soda bottle caps. We were going to get patches made, but that never happened.

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