MOTD movie design

From 1997 until 2007, I was helping director Eric Miller with production of an independent movie called Mark of the Damned. I co-wrote, acted, did voice-over, recorded music, and created graphics for the movie. Here are some more of the things I made for that movie.

Mark of the Damned Graphics

premiere card

These cards were handed out at the premiere of the movie, as part of the arrangement with our sponsor. The movie title, bats, and funny running guy were all given to me - all I did was design the layout of the card and arrange the type. I had to flip the running guy to make him go in the opposite direction.


Weather report from the prop newspaper in the movie. I don't remember if this was even used... I know you can't see it in the scene. I spent a lot of time designing up a fake newspaper called The Interlocutor but it just didn't pay off. You can't see most of the page and I could have just slacked off and had it look just as good. I can't find the masthead I designed .. I would like to post that here too.

special branch form

The Detailed Report form for the Special Branch "Danger List." Special Branch is the Army equivalent of DEFPOTEC. This was part of a bound dossier which was a prop in the movie. I am pleased with the way I captured the look of am old-fashioned government form.

danger list form

Overview form for the Special Branch "Danger List." I printed out several of these forms, filled in the blanks with a typewriter, and assembled a dossier on several main characters. This dossier was used as a prop in a scene of the movie.

hypnotic invisibility

An item from the 1920s Defpotec Novelty Catalog. I came up with the concept and wrote the description, inspired by the illustration which came from the 1929 Johnson-Smith catalog. This graphic was intended for the Mark of the Damned website, but I don't know if it was ever used.

Indian puncture trick

Another item from the 1920s Defpotec Novelty Catalog. Defpotec (the magician) was very strict in his insistence that all tricks he sold were scientific "tricks" rather than real magic. In some cases the distinction between the two was hard to determine. As in the previous example, the image came from the 1929 Johnson Smith Catalog.

Meet Mr 10

Part of an old sales brochure from Human Mechanical Corporation. Mr. 10 was one of a series of low-cost disposable personnel manufactured by Human Mechanical for military applications. They had a very limited skill set and a low intelligence but were loyal, fearless, and impervious to pain. The Mr. 10 model was NOT considered top-of-the-line. Rumor had it that they were bio-engineered from dogs. The Baron's assistant in the opening scenes of _Mark of the Damned_ is a Mr. 10.

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