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I made some cover graphics for online singles just in case I ever published singles, but it turns out albums are more economical to publish, and fans can purchase only the songs they want. So why bother releasing singles? It just costs more for me. So these graphics will probably never be used. Somebody might as well see them.

Dr. Phlogiston Singles Covers

poisonheart single

I find it hard to believe that nobody else has come up with the heart-and crossbones motif before now. It came to me in a flash of inspiration while I was doodling Aridifolia and thinking about her mating habits. The image then, does not signify that I am a Love Pirate as some people have suggested, but instead the crossbones mean poison: a toxic, deadly love. Love hurts. It's an unkind truth. Are we done wondering now why I am still single? The plaid in the background is genuine Kennedy tartan.


I took a bunch of pictures of myself and chopped them together to form this Cubist collage portrait with some instruments. I no longer own a cuattro, but I think I've still got everything else pictured here. Heavy application of the posterize filter for that grunge effect.


Distorted self-portrait. This is the result of hours of twiddling with various squash and stretch and spherize filters. Then I applied color halftone to convert the whole thing to dots for that eye-straining Old Newspaper look. Cricket anyone?

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